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How You Do What You Do, By Bob Livingston
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 With today's fragmented customer and retail network, and our laser focused cost obsession, customer service has sadly waned from today's market place...How you Do...What you Do!  grounds us in why and how we can recapture the magic  of delighting our customers.  Customer Service is sustainable, impactful and drives brand loyalty beyond other traditional levers.  Bob's extensive experience with retailers, brokers, Nielsen and leading a large sales team have framed his passion, focus and validates how services wins in today's marketplace.  I was fortunate to be a member of the Nielsen Advisory Board which Bob led...his collaborative facilitation skills, his pragmatic approach and  relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction forever changed my approach to retail...Bob's presence and energy make you wonder.....How he does....what he does... a great read with immediate application
Duncan MacNaughton 
Executive Vice President Supervalu

The reader needs to know that the author is the single best client person I have ever met.  Bob Livingston has defined great service in every endeavor over an illustrious career.. It is not just his passion for complete client satisfaction that sets him apart, but the key is the focus and discipline that underlies his approach to service. This book showcases the full range of skills, strategies and commitments that are required to become a top performing service organization. How you Do What you Do is a great teaching book, but it is also inspirational.

Bob has differentiated himself and his organizations over many years using these principles and there is no organization I know that wouldn’t benefit from a serious read and more importantly, a commitment to Bob’s direction. It has worked for Bob and his organizations in every imaginable situation. Bob has much to say to today’s business community, which is better at technology, product or marketing innovation, but lacks the same skills to service its customer at the same high level.  In the end, Bob is a teacher, who taught his companies how to satisfy their clients. This book is an opportunity for a much broader group of companies to benefit from the same lessons.
John J. Lewis President & CEO North America
The Nielsen Company

The principles Bob addresses in his book, as it relates to building loyalty, certainly apply to what I do as well.  A loyal following of fans is what every Artist strives to build and maintain and I'm no different in that regard. How I do what I do determines how successful I am.  There are great lessons in this book that apply to everyone, regardless of their jobs.  It is a wonderful read.
Brad Paisley
Country Music Artist

Bob Livingston and I have been business associates and friends for over 40 years. Bob had a full business experience as an associate and senior executive with the Lipton Company. In addition his years as a consultant gave him an opportunity to observe others in their pursuit of service excellence. He brings a unique approach to this experience with his natural good humor and strong integrity. Bob has reached the position in life where he can share what he has learned. He does this because he truly believes that he can make the readers more effective in their  his jobs and life.
Nick D’Agostino Chairman and CEO
D’Agostino Supermarket

“How you do what you do” describes the reality around service and what it takes to get it right.  What you are going to find is simplicity in understanding, core processes to implement, and the key elements around execution that will enable one to achieve World Class Service and to grow any business.  You won’t find complicated theories because that is not what service is about. What you will find is straight talk that you can immediately apply to your business. Read this book and you will return your investment a thousand times over.

I have known Bob Livingston for over 20 years. I have competed against him, worked with him, and over the last few years helped me as a consultant in areas from sales force training and effectiveness, customer advisory boards, and strategy. The one constant with Bob over all these years has been his incredible passion for Customer and the positive attitude and energy he brings to his work. He is colleague, friend and mentor who has made my life better for knowing him. What better compliment can you pay someone? These qualities are the reasons Bob has written the book and why anyone that reads it will walk away better for it. 
Steve Schmidt  CEO
Office Depot Business Solution

It is impossible to know Bob or read his words and not know that he has an intense and unshakable passion toward service.  As an associate of CROSSMARK I had the pleasure to experience first hand the insights and reflections Bob captured in the book.   If you will allow just a measure of Bob’s passion and knowledge to impact your life you will be on your way to providing service clients truly appreciate.
John Thompson COO

Bob's reputation as a customer focused leader with a passion for service was formed in his early days with Lipton, at that time a division of Unilever.  He built upon his learning's with subsequent experiences in consulting , always using the principles laid out in "How You Do What You Do."  That's what makes this such a good book.  Its' messages are grounded in the reality of business.  Bob's ideas do not come from a classroom, they come from real life experiences that make or break a business plan----and a business.  Rather than his teachings being validated by academia, they have been confirmed by his accomplishments in many business environments---where it counts.Anybody wanting to understand the competitive advantages that come from a service mentality needs to read this book.
Art Drogue Senior
Vice President Customer Development
Unilever USA

One could easily say that Bob’s most enduring talent is to naturally motivate and encourage those around him. He is always available for help or consultation, and is genuinely concerned with the success of all who surround him. He has become more than a mentor, a true friend that inspires me everyday. Bob is clearly the real life depiction of “how you do, what you do!” I can easily endorse Bob and his book without reservation.
Alex Siskos
Director Market Research

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How you do... What you do®  

How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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