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In this age of customer fragmentation and rising customer expectations, businesses seek positive, cost-effective ways to retain or gain position as market leaders. Many recognize the blueprint for success lies in better understanding the elements of a first-class Service Excellence Strategy. With over 40 years of experience leading thousands of salespeople, Bob Livingston has learned what works, and where to focus your efforts for maximum impact. In his keynotes and seminars he offers various winning strategies. Following his own advice, he always takes time to understand your company, learn what issues are important, and customize each presentation to meet your needs.

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Topic How you do... What you do®

What you do is your work, your job, your role within an organization; how you do, what you do is your behavior. In an energetic presentation the audience is presented a blueprint to achieve personal and company differentiation through Service Excellence which in Bob’s experience is a guaranteed bridge to loyalty. It works. He discusses the Service Excellence approach of many successful, differentiated companies. It has worked for them.

In the end, there is a very significant question that he believes everyone should address; “How do you want to be remembered?” That question needs to be answered both professionally and personally. If your answer is, “What I did in life will define me”, then your path is clear. But if you decide “I want to be remembered for how I did what I did,” then your path is entirely different.

You only need to decide which choice to make and then if required enact the necessary changes to put your plan in place. Bob presents that plan.


"Bob Livingston's years of experience, professionalism, tremendous confidence, outstanding verbal presentation skills in front of any size group, and the ability to effectively listen and get others to participate, all make Bob Livingston a worthy recommendation."
Steve Schmidt, CEO Office Depot Business Solutions

On behalf of the Grocery Manufacturers of America I would like to thank you for being our featured speaker at this year's Merchandising, Sales & Marketing Confernce. Your speech recieved many favorable comments from our attedees. I personally was inspired by your energy and passion for service excellence. I'm distributing copies of your book to my entire senior staff as service is at the center of everything we do at GMA. Clearly, the industry benefits when leaders like you are willing to share their time and energy. Thank you for helping to make our 2009 MSM Conference such a success.
Pamela Bailey,  President and CEO Grocery Manufacturers of America

Businesses today must have the best people performing the best job of creating customer loyalty by exceeding expectations.  Your presentation is right on target.  You do an outstanding job of conveying this message emphasizing the importance of execution excellence. Your style is casual yet expert.  Your use of statistics is eye opening.  Your ability to customize your program to the audience makes your presentation personal and reinforces how "you" do what you do.  It is so refreshing to have a speaker that is not a "talking head at the lectern" but is able to closely connect with the audience.   I know everyone at the conference in Paris was totally engrossed in your message.  Anyone hiring you will be extremely satisfied with the results.
Rose Ann Howard,  Director Meetings and Events Yum Brands

I had the privilege of hearing your presentation at the recent Nielsen 360 conference and was absolutely blown away.  He perfectly articulated the service revolution needed to bring alive retail growth and customer loyalty.  Many of the key strategies we have focused on as a company for the past few years, were summarized in a cogent and compelling manner during his presentation.  I was truly enthralled.  I also read his book on the flight back from Phoenix to Pittsburgh, and have since been spreading the word like gospel throughout our company.
Derek Gaskins, VP Marketing National Association of Convenience Store

“Bob Livingston is a dynamic individual and speaker.  He can relate to any audience and his message is one of critical importance in today’s economy and challenging business environment. What makes Bob message so relevant is that he comes from business and understands what is real, achievable and what will motivate people.  He brings workable solutions that can be implemented immediately.”
Jim Whitman SVP National Association of Chain Drugs

Bob Livingston was introduced to me through our company’s Vice President of Human Resources.  As soon as she introduced Bob and I, I knew there was a special connection – I could tell he just “got” our mission here at Victorinox Swiss Army.  It was clear to me that he understood our commitment to our customers and our desire to make each interaction a positive, lasting one.   As a result, Victorinox Swiss Army recently had the pleasure of welcoming Bob to speak at our National Sales Meeting.   Bob’s presentation on “How You Do What You Do” left a lasting impression on me as well as my entire sales and corporate team.  Not only did it reaffirm the importance of truly remarkable service, but the sales and support teams left Bob’s presentation invigorated and armed with new strategies and knowledge that I have no doubt will help them better serve our customers, both internally and externally.
Rick Taggart, President, Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc.

I was very pleased with both your talk and your topic.  My expectation was that this was going to be a discussion on business process.  When it turned out to be focused on a lifetime of experience with clear examples of why doing the right thing is important and how results follow I was totally engrossed.  Your passion for the topic was highly engaging.
Bob Samples Hormel Director of Category Planning and Support

“In searching for a speaker for our National Sales Meeting, you were recommended as a very fine speaker whose message was both contemporary and useful to our group. Both of those promises you delivered on, beyond my expectations. You are an excellent speaker”.
Brad Bartlett,  President US , Dole Packaged Foods Company

Upon finishing How you do...what you do, I made it required reading for everyone in our companies.  Then I had Bob  address our International Conference in Paris, and was delighted to find that he speaks as well, and as passionately, as he writes.  If you can get him to address your audience, do not miss the opportunity.
Chris White, Chairman Global Events Partners& The Krisam Group

First and foremost I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your participation in our industry retreat. Our group truly enjoyed your presentation and everyone remarked that it was very relevant to the choices we face in running our companies.  Many thanks for your terrific presentation and contribution to our retreat event. You are a quality guy and I look forward to getting to know you even more as our contact increases.
Martin Babinec, Founder/ChairmanTriNet Group, Inc.

Bob, your presentation was spot-on for our audience of supermarket owners and their suppliers.  You opened the conference with a bang!  One retailer shared, 'I wanted to pack-up, go home, and put Bob's ideas to work right away'. Of course, we're glad he stayed until the end of the conference."  Your terrific presentation to our members was very timely and the feedback was positive. I had a number of members approach me and tell me how much they enjoyed your session and were looking forward to reading your book.
Linda Gobbler, President and CEO Michigan Grocers



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How you do... What you do®  

How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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