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The most successful client/ advisor relationships combine the knowledge and insight gained from years of experience with the ability to listen and understand client needs. REL Communications is an experienced sales/marketing consulting firm that addresses the unique issues facing retailers and suppliers  today, no matter how simple or complex. Our group is comprised of individuals who have held senior sales, retail and marketing positions in Fortune 500 companies, or with top suppliers and retailers. They have experienced first hand many of the issues facing companies today.

Today’s marketplace bears a striking resemblance to the treacherous Bermuda Triangle, anchored by the challenges of escalating competition, well-informed clients,  and dismal customer service.  The result is that your clients have more influence and choices than ever before.  If you or your organization do not consistently satisfy and surpass their expectations, your clients will take their buying power elsewhere.  It is that simple.  But by establishing service excellence as your top strategic and cultural priority, you will foster the strong relationships needed to win – and retain – loyal clients.

That is what we do, but our differentiation is in how we do it!

Our approach is straightforward and direct and is designed to concentrate on swift progress as opposed to prolonged processes. We offer more than the typical written blueprint - we stand by you, providing the coaching and mentoring services needed to effectively execute your transformation to Service Excellence plan.

An additional practice area of REL is Artist Brand Consulting. Whether you manage a branded consumer product, a chain of fine restaurants, an automobile company or a retail enterprise, each of these entities has one significant point in common………….. they are all brands.  Although the day-to-day concerns of running these businesses may vary greatly, the approach in managing each of these brands are quite similar.   So it is also with Performing Artists Brands.   Rob Livingston directs that practice.

“REL’s understanding and approach to Personal Branding is unique. They provide clear insight as to what direction a personal brand should take considering all of its characteristics and the findings from a study they conduct. Their work was enlightening."
Halle Berry
Academy Award Winning Actress

“Bob was integral in helping me restructure my team to make my business more effective. I had been operating without a career planning process. They walked me through a goal planning process that we implemented throughout my team. That plan was geared towards producing results and establishing accountabilities. Now with a business strategy in place, I can now focus on my creative work. It is a very exciting process”.
Kimberly Williams
Actor “Father of the Bride”, “According to Jim”

“Bob understands companies and their brands. Bringing the same professional approach that he uses with major companies to an artists organization, is what he does.  He understands both partners’ needs."
Brad Paisley
Grammy Award Winning Country Music Artist

"Our new cd, Golden Slumbers--a father's lullaby" is by its very nature a 'niche' product, and thus the usual channels for marketing and distribution of this music don't quite apply. Bob has been incredibly helpful and creative in finding alternate arenas that match up well with this release. He and his team have been invaluable in exposing this music to appropriate companies and retailers who could easily tie into it, thereby giving us a wider, even more appreciative audience.
Dave Koz,
Grammy Winning Jazz Musician

 To find out more about REL Communications, contact us at: or contact any of our colleagues listed on the right.

REL Communications provides valuable access to experienced former executives from the Consumer Products Industry, whose backgrounds provide great insight about the marketplace. They are uncomplicated in process and direct their approach to quick action and results. They are very easy to work with.
Regina Mello, Nestle Waters

REL Communications offers a tangile, hands-on service that understands the needs of their clients, delivers a solution that has value, and ensures that their plan was executed. At its very core, the service offered by REL reflects the epitome  of customer service and meeting the client need.  They provide hands-on involvement in solving client problems.  As such, they provide additional critical thinking to solutions and have an emotional commitment to the success of those solutions. Their emotional involvement in a project is something I do not see very often.
Mike Prebenda, SVP Commercial Head Global HSBC Direct

REL’s ability to analyze, understand, and provide guidance to any given situation has made a difference. Their experience and natural ability to relate to the business, our industry, and the situation is truly outstanding. REL has become a part our organization because of the impact he make for us. I look forward to our continued partnership.
Dan Sacco Sr. VP
Client Service The Nielsen Company

The work  REL conducted on our behalf to assist us in developing new services for retailers was very well done and easy to digest into a business plan. They gave us unique insights, thoughtful analysis and research with a slant on how to actually capitalize on the opportunities based on their findings and industry knowledge. I truly believe they saved us 12 months worth of work or more if we had headed down the wrong path. I especially appreciated the research book they put together and the presentation they gave to our senior managers walking us through the data, what it meant to us and what opportunities it presented for our company and our industry. It was all very well done.
It is quite evident that Bob and Rob truly care about their work and take full ownership of their projects. Sometimes I felt that they had more ownership than some of our own people. As they say, a satisfied customer is the best salesperson you could have. I am one of those.

Ben J. Fischer
President  Sales Agency

It is illustrious to know that Bob "sold" me on how he could help us in just one face to face meeting.  I became a life long fan of Bob's as his leadership quickly translated into the vibrant turnaround of our top and bottom line. This was not just a kick start but a permanent change to successful consultative selling and customer service. Bob has my highest endorsement”.
David Flaschen
Flagship Ventures (OneLiberty Funds, AGTC Funds, NewcoGen Group)

“I have known Bob for more than twenty years and known REL Communications since its inception. Throughout his career, he always had a tremendous grasp on the dynamics of our industry. In his current role with REL, I see the same kind of understanding. He is trusted and respected by his clients, and the result he produces on their behalf is always of great value”.
Murray Rosen President& CEO
Seafood America

I have been associated with Bob in three different companies in my career, and I have always marveled at his skill, passion and always expanding capabilities. He is at the top of his original field of sales management. Yet, he didn’t rest on his skills and relationships and has added cutting-edge understanding of how to use information, channels, technology and marketing to make a business more successful.

 There are very few consultants who can bring the combination of expertise and experience to a project, but that is still not what separates Bob from the rest. His commitment to his clients and service are so significant that he refuses to let his clients let their customers down. This commitment is rare in our world, where most people do a project and simply move on to the next.

John Lewis  President
ACNielsen North America


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How you do... What you do®  

How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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