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How You Do What You Do, By Bob Livingston
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How you do... What you do® gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence.  But more than hope, the book presents us with a simple, yet complete, roadmap to guide us through this process of change.  Companies and teams are not the only entities who will benefit from this book; the steps of the roadmap can and should be taken by individuals who endeavor for excellence in their personal attitudes and behaviors.

You will read about the factors that have converged to create our service crisis, including: an inward focus on the work performed (what) to the exclusion of how it is performed; the misguided application of technological advances; and an indifference to the needs of those being served.  At the heart of this book is a comprehensive look at how attitudes and behaviors define you personally and professionally; and the role they play in driving change and shaping solutions to this crisis.

Profiled are companies, brands and people who have achieved professional and personal success by their attitudes and behaviors.  Throughout, the book benchmarks great companies renowned for their service excellence, including Accenture, Federal Express, Four Seasons, CROSSMARK, Starbucks, The Nielsen Company, ECRM TBWA Worldwide and more.

You will come to understand their common threads:  they all follow a plan, and continuously strive to “get better at getting better.”  Bob shares many personal experiences from his 40-year career that will inform, entertain, and motivate you to think differently.  Through his eyes, you will see that how you do, what you do, applies to everyone striving for excellence in their business and personal relationships.  In writing this book, How you do what you do, Bob has drawn upon his personal experiences, insightful observations, from an esteemed career as a senior sales executive with Unilever and respected consultant to the consumer products industry.






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